Easter Memories


As Easter approaches and all of the Easter baskets and candy are at the stores, I am reminded of some of the positive memories of my childhood.

Every year, the Easter bunny came with the same baskets for us kids.  We recognized the baskets so we always knew which basket belonged to which kid.  They were always filled with jelly beans, Robins Eggs, peeps and chocolate bunnies, some were hollow and some were solid.  I can remember the first time I had a Cadbury egg too, it looked strange inside, but tasted oh so good.  I still enjoy them every year.

We kids loved to decorate our eggs the night before.  Our mother would hard boil the eggs and we would dip them into the colors that smelled like vinegar.  I never understood the vinegar part, still don’t, but it worked.  I just remember how fun it was to decorate our eggs.

The night before Easter morning was just like the night before Christmas, or even the night before going to Disneyland for that matter; I just couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious to wake up to my basket.

I loved the hard-boiled eggs, but I hated the yolks and my sister loved them, so I gave them all to her.  I don’t know why I hated the yolks, I don’t think it was the taste but more the color, texture and how dry they were.  The yolk in deviled eggs were better because they weren’t dry, so I didn’t mind eating them.

I was a little piggy and usually ate half or more of my basket before lunch time.  I don’t remember if I was ever sick from all the sugar, but I’m sure I did get a little green under the gills.


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