epoch man

I have a strange obsession with the past. It’s not all bad, I mean, my obsession isn’t all about the bad memories I have of “my” past, but also good memories of objects that I used to have that I have lost. For example, I’m obsessed with Lego’s because I loved playing with Lego’s as a child, so I have a bunch of Lego video games. I had an obsession with Light Bright, Shrinky Dinks and a bunch of other games and toys, but certain things that are not as available anymore are what I am most obsessed with.

Here is a game I used to have when I was, I want to say 13, called Epoch Man. There are actually a few things that I am obsessed with wanting to get back, but this was the only one I could find. I want to say that my parents bought this for me at one of the many swap meets we went to when we lived in Reseda, but I cannot be 100% sure it was the swap meet where I got it from. It was probably $5 or around that price back then. If it were any more, I probably wouldn’t have wanted it. I was as cheap then as I am now lol. Some things never change. My mother said I am so cheap that I squeak when I walk, and it’s true lol. I totally 100% own that.

Epoch Man was a Pac-Man rip off, but instead of pellets, you ate fruit, and instead of a giant pill to make you eat the ghosts, it was a star. The bonus thing was a question mark in the middle of the screen. I played the hell out of that game every chance I got. My step father used to take me to the bowling alley when he bowled with his league, which sucked for me because what the hell was I supposed to do? Twiddle my thumbs for a few hours while he played and drank beer? WTF? So I would play with my Epoch Man and it was so loud that it would piss everyone off, so my step father would tell me to go somewhere else lol. He would give me money to go to the arcade. I was trying to piss everyone off so they would tell him to stop bringing me.

I don’t know what happened to my Epoch Man game. When we moved away from Reseda to live in a trailer next to my aunt’s house, we had to pack our entire lives and put everything but the essentials in storage. I’m pretty sure this was essential to me, so I kept it with me. I don’t know what happened to it though. I’m sure when I was kicked out at 15, I didn’t take it with me, and if I still had it when I was kicked out again at 17, I’m pretty sure my mother either gave it away with the rest of my belongings that reminded her of me, or she threw it in the trash. Yes, my mother did that.

So here I am all these years later and all I want is my old stuff back, so I have to buy it all back. I found this on eBay for only $9.99 plus $6 shipping, which is good because they are usually $50 – $100. I’m not paying that much money, sorry, no can do. $15 fits in budget just fine.

There are some issues with this Epoch Man.

Used : Split the cost with friends

Seller Notes:
“1 Some patterns “paku-paku man” are always off . 2 Body has many scratches. 3 LCD screen is not strong. 4 No box and manual. 5 Sound and work are ok. 6 Not original battery cover. 7 with new LR44 battery”

Look, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m not looking for an exact replica, I don’t care if it says Pak Pak Man or if it has scratches and a red battery cover, I really don’t care. I’ll probably never play with it, I just want it,  you know? I can’t explain why, I just do. I could probably live the rest of my life just fine without it, but I just want that nostalgia just because I’m a… oh how was it that my sisters friend put it, a spoiled rotten brat. If I am paying for it, then who cares?

Here are other pictures of it from the eBay auction. They posted 11 pictures, but I don’t have to copy every angle lol. And hey look, 2 packages of batteries! Woohoo! LOL



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