Ghost Sitting on My Bed


Some people believe in ghosts, and other’s don’t, so it’s a iffy subject with some people. I wrote about my encounters with some spirits in my childhood; ghosts, dark shadows of people watching over me, or Shadow People as they are known to be called. I knew that if I mentioned the ghosts, people would probably not take my book seriously, but I didn’t care because it happened to me as a child and I honestly don’t care if anyone believes me or not.

I’ve blogged about the ghost cat experience I’ve had in the last 15 years. When we lived in the little house next door (our rental) I slept on the couch and always felt a cat jump up on the couch and walk over to me. I’d open my eyes and nothing was there. We actually had a cat at the time, so I knew the pressure from a cat jumping up on the couch and walking around, so it was strange to feel it, but see nothing. When we moved to the big house on the property, I would feel the cat jump on my bed nearly every night. It hasn’t happened since we got the new mattress though, but we still have the same box spring.

The night before last night I was laying in my bed, and it felt like someone sitting on the edge of my bed. I could literally feel the bed being pressed down, and it wasn’t just a small area, and it wasn’t just pressed down a little like someone using their hand, it felt like someone sitting down. I could feel it because my leg was right there. My leg was touching the part of the bed that was sat on, so basically they were laying on my leg, and I also felt some pressure on my leg.

When I was a kid and I saw a spirit, I would get so scared that I would stiffen up and I felt paralyzed. Well, I don’t feel scared anymore when I have contact with a ghost, but this time I started having that paralyzed feeling. I did open my eyes and look and nothing was there, so I just closed my eyes and I actually fell asleep.

The spirits don’t bother me, so I don’t feel like they are evil or like they are going to do something bad to me. I honestly don’t even know if they are residual or actual ghosts. Who knows for sure why this is happening, but it is happening. It’s not a nightly thing, that I know of. I mean for all I know it could happen every night at the same time, but I don’t know because I’m either asleep when it happens, or it’s another night that I’m still sitting at the computer looking at Facebook or playing video games. But I do know when it happens and it is slightly spooky.

Who is this alleged spirit? Is it my mother? Is it Chip’s mother? Or perhaps his father or step father, or his step father’s first wife? They all lived in this house and used this room at one point, so these are valid options. Sorry, not my mom, she never lived here lol. Whoever it is, do they know I’m laying there? Are they sitting on the edge of the bed for a reason? Oh god, I just had a spooky thought. What if they decided to lay down, like where I was laying! I think I would jump out of my skin and run into the living room and hope my skin catches up with me if that ever happened lol.

So what do you think? Please comment.


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