Facial Tics – Tourette Syndrome



Tourette Syndrome did not exist when I was a child, so my facial tics went unnoticed and undiagnosed. I was born with a tremor in my hands, and I also had Grand Mal and Petite Mal seizures as a baby. I’m not sure if I was given the dilantin for the tremors and they caused the seizures. At any rate, my life started out with neurological issues.

I know I had facial tics as a child, but I just don’t remember them. I actually didn’t start paying attention until they were actually causing pain. I was blinking my eyes so hard that my eyes would actually hurt, and it impaired my vision. Anyone who has facial tics know that you can’t just stop having facial tics. It happens, and you can’t do anything to stop it.

The facial tics never went away. I am 45 years old and I still have them. They usually evolve, or I may stop all tics for several weeks to months, but eventually they come back with a new tic. If I see someone doing it, it starts me up again.

For the last, I want to say 3 to 5 years, I’ve had the same facial tic, which is my eyebrows. I’ll move them up and down, or I may move them one at a time. If I am having a conversation with someone and they are looking directly at my eyes, I won’t do it, but once they look away, off they go.

It’s embarrassing when I am having a tic, and then I look and see someone staring at me, then I immediately stop and say “What?” to which they say “nothing.” I’ve acknowledged them to my partner and he denies that he’s ever noticed, but I know he has because I’ve caught him staring at me during a tic session.

Why do people have to stare at you, especially when you are in full on facial tic city mode? LOL Facial tic city. I just came up with that.

What suddenly brought this subject up was that we were in the bank today and one of the tellers had the same exact facial tic that I have had for the last 3-5 years, the eyebrow tic. At least I don’t feel alone in the world when I see someone else doing it.

The image that I found mentions Tourette Syndrome, and I mentioned earlier that they didn’t even have that when I was a kid. So I wonder, since I have had these tics since I was a child, do I have tourette syndrome? I don’t know, and I’m not quite sure it should have a label. I mean, I don’t mind that label because it certainly doesn’t bother me to think I may have tourette syndrome. I don’t yell words, but I do stutter from time to time. My younger sister made fun of me one time when I was stuttering and it really pissed me off. I can’t control other people’s reactions to a facial tic or a stutter. They have to use their own judgement and decide whether it’s worth it to ruin a relationship.

Let me know if you have facial tics, a stutter or tourette syndrome and how that has affected your life and perhaps your relationships with family and friends.

Edit: Just as I finished typing and published this post, I started with the blinking. I was typing a response to someone’s comment on an image that I posted on Facebook, and noticed the blinking. Oh boy, I hope this doesn’t start to be a new thing again. If anything, I’d rather keep the wonky eyebrow tic.


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