It’s Our 20 Year Anniversary


20 year anniversary card

Last night I was watching the clock so I could shout to the world at midnight that my partner and I would be celebrating our 20 year anniversary together.  I tweeted it to a couple of people, I posted on Facebook and got a few congratulations.  In the past I have said that we were celebrating our anniversary, but it didn’t seem as monumental as 20 is to me.  I’m sure there will be naysayers out there who will say “Come back to me when you are celebrating your 40 or 50 year anniversary, then I will be impressed.”  And you know I speak from experience of people saying that to me.

20 year anniversary cake

This is the cake that I woke up to this morning.  It’s a German Chocolate cake from the Albertson’s bakery.  I absolutely love German Chocolate cake, more than anyone will ever know, and for sentimental reasons that has to do with my mother who has been gone for almost 21 years now.  I didn’t mean to turn this into something about my mother, but the cake reminded me of her.  She would probably be thrilled that I stayed in a relationship for as long as I have if she were alive today.

I looked it up and China is the typical 20 year anniversary gift.  Well, even though we could use new dishes, we really don’t have the money for it.  I was thinking perhaps we could take a trip to China Town Buffet, but frankly I’d rather go to Golden Corral for dinner tonight, so that’s what we will be doing to celebrate.  What?  They have some Chinese entrées and sides there.

I am beaming with pride that we have lasted as long as we have, but I can say without certainty that our relationship will be till death we do part.  I don’t think I could live the rest of my life without him.

Some people have told both of us that we are going through a phase.  Well, I will be 44 this year, it’s a pretty long phase if you ask me.  There have been a few people who have told both of us that our relationship is wrong because we are both males, and my response to them could only be from the great actor Johnny Depp from the movie Dark Shadows.

“I have already prepared my counter-proposal. It reads thusly: You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!”