Buttons for Etsy


I have taken a huge gamble on my Etsy shop recently but purchasing a button maker that makes 1-inch, 1.25 inch and 2.25 inch buttons.

I bought a pack of 300 1-inch buttons because I thought those were the typical little buttons that you would see in a shop. I have a pair of suspenders with some buttons on it that I tore my whole closet apart yesterday looking for only to find out that the smaller button is 1.25 inches. So, I bought a pack of 300 1.25 inch buttons.

Then I also bought 8 packs of button images that I can print to make buttons for my Etsy shop. The buttons are not what you would typically see when you’re shopping for buttons, but they are pretty interesting looking buttons anyway. I bought some for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then there are just a whole bunch of other random buttons. One of them is Vintage horror comics, another has steampunk gears and then other steampunk images, then tree of life and tree silhouette.

To be quite honest, I’m not really sure I’m going to make any money off of this. But, I’ve wanted to make buttons for a long time and I can use these on my box cards. It will add a little bit of flair to the box cards that someone can remove and put on their jacket or backpack or whatever. Just something a little bit extra for the people who want to buy a box card for someone.

Most of these image packs have 24 images, so I can sell them in 4 packs of six buttons. There are some that have less and I will have to sell in packs of five buttons. So far I’ve only bought button packs with 24 button images.

This whole project has cost me a lot of money. I don’t advertise my products that often, but I will definitely advertise these buttons a lot just to help me pay for everything. Once everything has been paid for, then I can relax.

I would like to design some LGBT buttons and I’ve already designed a button to advertise my Etsy shop which will be a gift for every order from now on. Every box card will have a button attached to it and every Paracord bracelet will have a button in the box. Maybe if people get a free buttons with their order, they’ll want to buy more buttons either for themselves or for their friends. We will see.