Is fat shaming necessary?


I decided to walk to the grocery store because I wanted an excuse to go buy a cookie. They sell single cookies at the bakery counter. I prefer buying cookies 1 at a time instead of having to buy a big bag or box of cookies because I don’t want that temptation. I think buying 1 cookie when I have a craving is perfectly fine, and my nutritionist agrees with me. She said having 1 cookie every now and then won’t hurt, because if you deny yourself sweet treats like cookies and ice cream and whatever else, you will end up binging on it sooner or later, and that is not good for your body.

As I was walking, I was literally only 1 block away from the house, and I was crossing the street and a guy was driving onto the street I was crossing, and he made a comment behind my back while still in his car. “Hey, I love your fat fuckin’ stomach.” I heard a woman giggling. “Your fat fuckin’ stomach is amazing.” More giggling.

Really? What is that supposed to accomplish? Yes, I know I have a fat stomach, but so does 75% of the country, and I only weigh 250lbs. Yes, I gained all but 12lbs of that 70lbs back that I lost a couple of years ago. They said if you don’t continue your diet you will likely gain back all the weight and more, and it’s been really challenging to maintain or lose weight since I lost all that weight. I don’t know what happened, because I’m still eating Weight Watchers Smart Ones and I’m not losing, but gaining instead. I don’t know why I can’t lose weight, but I do know that fat shaming me isn’t going to make me lose weight.

I didn’t respond to the jerk in the car, nor did I turn around to see what he looked like, but I’m sure he was no prize either. And you know what? I’m not proud of my fat fuckin’ stomach or how much I weigh, but guess what? Life’s a bitch! Who cares? It’s my life, not his, so why should he care about me? He doesn’t even know me. I certainly don’t go around mocking him or how he looks, so why is it that he has to go around mocking fat people? Fuck him!

That’s all I have to say about that.

Stepping off my soapbox now.