My Live Hangout with The Huffington Post – Salvation Army


I participated in a live web conversation on the Huffington Post website about my experiences with the Salvation Army as a child and as a teenager.  Check it out.

Rights advocates are calling for shoppers to skip the Red Kettle donation buckets due to the organization’s view on homosexuality. Will this hurt the homeless?

Originally aired on December 18, 2012

Hosted by: 


  • Karel Bouley (Long Beach, CA) Entertainer and Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host @thekarelshow
  • Major George Hood Community Relations & Development Secretary, The Salvation Army @SalvationArmyUS
  • Michel McDonald (Bakersfield, CA) Author, Diary of A Gay Nerd @DiaryOfAGayNerd
  • Brad Dacus (Los Angeles, CA) President, Pacific Justice Institute @PacificJustice
  • Susan Sheehan (Glendale, AZ) Former Girlfriend Refused Helped From Salvation Army @LGBTQFFI