The 3-Day War On Sandra Fluke by Rush Limbaugh


I was browsing through the Facebook home page and found a video posted by One Million Dads Against One Million Moms.  This video is an audio clip with some pictures of Rush Limbaugh.  In the audio clip he is saying that if Sandra Fluke who is asking for free contraceptive wants to get free condoms and lube from the government that she needs to make a video so we can all watch.  Take a look:


Rush to Fluke: We Want You To Post The Videos Online So We Can Watch

This is disgusting.  One Million Dads Against One Million Moms has asked that people email Clear Channel to ask them to get Rush Limbaugh off the air.  Here is what he said:

OK Enough is enough!! Limbaugh has been vilifying Sandra Fluke for days. This is the latest turd to fall out of his mouth. I NEVER do this but I am asking for your help to get this misogynistic scumbag OFF THE AIR!!!

Contact information for Limbaugh’s station operator Clear Channel Communications Inc. is:

Clear Channel Corporate
Address: 200 East Basse Road San Antonio, TX 78209
Communications / Media Relations: Public Relations (210) 822-2828

My email to clear channel

To whom it may concern:

Please STOP LIMBAUGH!!! Enough is enough. It’s one thing if he merely espoused political ideals I disagreed with…but the vitriolic evil that he has been spewing in the past three days about Sandra Fluke is totally inexcusable! There is just NO PLACE in civil discourse for behavior such as this. He can disagree with this girl (she is just a Young student for god sake) with out impugning her character FOR DAYS!!! I know satire….and this WAS NOT SATIRE it was bile spewed by some washed up drug addict with a proclivity for international jaunts for illicit sex! The sun has set on the Limbaugh empire and it is time that we all coincide the Emperor has no MORALS!!

Please show this misogynistic fascist the door, show him that HATE has no place in Clear Channel!! I Love Clear Channel, iheart is amazing…you are better than THIS!! Please tell that failure at life that he can take his hate somewhere else!

I wholeheartedly agree, so I emailed Clear Channel.  I included his first paragraph as a quote, but I also included this in my email.

I was asked to email Clear Channel to ask them to please stop Rush Limbaugh from talking about a student who is asking for contraceptive.  I copied and pasted his email, but I want to include something else here.  I think it is disgusting and in poor taste that a grown man would attack a student, a woman, like this.  I don’t care if it is in fun or not, it is disgusting and this attack on women has got to stop.  This world would be such a better place to live in if there wasn’t so much hatred in the world and Rush Limbaugh is only adding to the hate.  By allowing his hate speech on your channel sends a message that you advocate hate speech and I don’t think that that is your true intention.  Please either shut him up, or get him off of the air.  There is already enough hate with the war on gays, why add women to the list?

When I was in high school in the mid 80’s, they started handing out condoms for free at the student store.  What is the difference from that happening more than 25 years ago and someone asking for the same thing today?  You can get free lube and condoms at any Gay and Lesbian center as well as at any clinic, what is the big deal?  Who cares?  Give me a break!  Why rip on a woman for 3 days over something so trivial?  Tell Rush to pick on someone his own size for a change.

Michel McDonald

I am all for free speech, but I am not for free hate speech, especially when it is asking a woman to have sex on camera so he can watch.  This man is disgusting and he needs to stop attacking this woman once and for all.  I hope that people agree with me and either call the number or send an email.