22 Years!


22 year anniversary cake

My partner and I are celebrating 22 years together today. No we never got married, and we probably won’t due to his and his families religious and political preferences, but that’s okay, because I don’t need a piece of paper or a ring.

I personally didn’t think we would make it the first year because we had our little trivial arguments about trivial things in the first year like all new couples do. You know, because when you are put in a living situation with someone who is practically a stranger, and you know nothing about that person, you both have to adapt to the other person’s personal habits. Like the toilet paper and paper towel situation. Does it go over or under? In my opinion it goes over, but to him it goes under. When we moved to Bakersfield, his mother had it going under too, so obviously he was taught that by his parents, just like I was taught by my parents the correct way (LOL). I also had a bad track record with relationships because my first 3 before my current one always ended after 10 months. Why 10 months I will never know. I guess neither of us were ready to give up on each other over stupid things, so here we are 22 years later.

I bought a cake tonight at the local Albertson’s. You can’t tell from this picture, but it’s one of those small round cakes. It’s 2 layers, and it’s probably 2 slices lol. I also bought some ice cream, chocolate for him and cookies and cream for me.

Well, here’s to another 22 years, if we are both still alive lol. Who knows, perhaps we will be married before we die.