Happy Mother’s Day


Today is the day that we thank our mothers for giving birth and raising us.  To me, Mother’s Day is a day when I try to forgive her for all of the nasty things she did and said to me merely for being born different.  I want to only remember the good times we had before she passed away.

My mother and I weren’t always the best of friends, but she was my mother and I will always love her and I will never forget the great times we shared together.

The picture above is the last picture that I was lucky enough to have taken with her before she died a few months later.  My boyfriend at the time (K.J. in the book) was there, this was the day that my parents met him.  I was so blessed that my mother finally accepted me for being gay and was equally blessed that she accepted my boyfriend.

I love you mom.  I hope you are in a good place :D.