A New Paper Book Proof


I got my first paper book proof last week on Wednesday and have been working hard reading the whole book to make sure there weren’t any mistakes.  Unfortunately I found many.  I worked hard to read the whole book again in just a few days so I could correct all of the errors so that I could republish the e-book files and order another proof.  Done and done!

I republished everything last night and today the e-book files went live again with the updated file.  Tonight I got an email saying that my paper book was ready for me to order a proof which I did.  So now all I can do is wait for it to arrive and hope there are no new errors that I might have missed lol.  I probably should read the whole thing again before the proof gets here.  I’m pretty sure it’s all good now and I have nothing to worry about.  Then again that’s what I said when I originally published my book lol.

I’m tired.  Not just because it’s 1:30 A.M., but because I am tired of reading my book so many times.  Writing it only took 2, maybe 2 1/2 months, the rest of the 7 months was all editing.  I read my book about 50 to 100 times, I lost count so I can’t even say how many times I’ve read it.  I just want to wash my hands of the whole thing and say it’s finished, buy it lol.  But, it’s my baby and I want to give it all of the attention it desires.  It is my first book and if I plan on writing any future books I have to get used to reading it again and again and again until I can’t see ANY errors at all.  But that would be obsessive compulsive, which is why I published it when I did lol.

Ok seriously, it’s 1:30 A.M., I am exhausted so goodnight!


Re-editing My Book


I was so ready for my book to be published and I thought that I had fixed every error there was to fix, but apparently I was wrong.  I knew I should have read it one final time just to be sure, but I just wanted to be finished with it and have it out there in the world.

I got the proof of the paper book and started to “proof” it and found 6 errors in the first 10 minutes.  I continued to read and found 2 more errors 40 pages ahead, but since then have found even more.  I have been working hard to read it and get it ready to print so just know I am working on it.

For those who bought the e-book version through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Rainbow eBooks, I would like to apologize for the grammatical errors you may have come across.  As soon as I finish reading the whole book again and fix all of the errors I will be uploading the file so you can download a fresh copy.

Rainbow eBooks users can just go in and download the file again, but I’m not positive how it works for Nook and Kindle users.  I am not sure if your device will automatically update the file or if you have to do something special but I’m pretty sure that it should update on its own if you log in to the book store for your device.  Of course I will notify Amazon and Barnes & Noble of the update so they can update devices if that is what they do.  I won’t really know until I do the update.

At any rate, just know that I am aware of the grammatical errors and I am working on it and I thank you for your patience.

My Paper Book


My paper book finally came today via UPS.  I wasn’t expecting it to show up until Monday so I was quite pleased that it came today.  The front, back and spine of the cover looks awesome.  I opened the book up and everything was perfect.  I took a picture, check it out.

I was very pleased with how the book looked and the color of the pages and everything about it.  I started to read it but found a few mistakes in the first chapter.  UGH!  I thought I was finished but I guess not.

I am going to start reading it all over again, but what I will do is grab some mini post-it notes and put them over all of the mistakes and write a note for myself saying what needs to be fixed with that sentence or word.

It is unfortunate that I published it in eBook format before it was truly ready. I’m hoping that if someone downloaded it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or RainboweBooks.com, they will see this and re-download the updated file when I finish.  Of course I will keep updating this blog so they will know when it is ok to download the update, that is if Amazon and B&N will allow the update.  I’m sure if you delete it, you can just download it again.  Those who downloaded from Rainbow eBooks will obviously be able to download the file again.

So back to the old mines I go lol.