The Steve Wilkos Show “An Unfit Mother?”


We used to watch The Steve Wilcos Show every day when it first came on the air way back when, but we don’t watch it as much anymore because we normally watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show at 4pm, unless Ellen is a repeat, then we switch to Steve. Although my partner switches back and forth anyway because he wants to see what they are talking about.

Today is New Years Eve 12/31/2014 and this episode is from 6/27/2011 called “An Unfit Mother?” The wife brings the husband on the show specifically to find out if her husband is cheating on her, oh and it just so happens he’s also beating… I’m sorry, I didn’t say that loud enough… He’s BEATING their children. He openly admits to it too, as if he’s proud of it, that is until he is made to feel that he shouldn’t be proud of it.

Steve asks why he beats them and he says he gives them 3 chances and then all bets are off. He is giving a 2-year-old (let’s spell it out TWO YEAR OLD…) 3 chances to do what he asks, and if he does not comply, he beats him. What is he asking a 2 year old to do? Clean their mess? I’m sorry, but since when was it their job to clean up their mess? You’re not working, you are basically just their babysitter, YOU CLEAN IT UP! What do you think mother’s have to do all day when they raise children? The kid makes a mess and the mother cleans it up until they are old enough to know when it’s time to clean the mess. You see, you have to show them how it’s done, several times in fact. Make it a game, let’s clean up our mess together until they learn to do it on their own. They don’t understand until you teach them. You can’t just say do it and they comply, they aren’t robots, they are human beings with very little knowledge of the world, and it is your job as his parent to teach him.

The wife/mother said she is staying with this jerk wad “For the benefit of the children.”  REALLY? How does beating your children benefit them? It’s more to the benefit of you because you are too afraid of being alone or having to find someone new. It doesn’t benefit anyone, actually, because if he is willing to beat children, who’s to say he’s not going to start beating you too? Is that when enough is enough, when he puts his hands on you?

He admits to the lie detector test that he beats the children, he even admitted that he has cheated on her with a 4th woman that she doesn’t even know about, then he denied it. I really think this guy has issues. I think you would remember admitting to something  like that.

I had to stop watching after Steve kicked these 2 off his stage because my head was about to explode. It actually did explode, into words that you are reading.

I’m always telling people about my childhood mainly because I have to vent sometimes, but also because sometimes people bring things up and want me to talk about it. Other people tell me to “get over it” because those people are part of the problem and don’t want to keep hearing about it. I cannot get over something that was so damaging to my psyche simply because someone doesn’t want to hear about how they abused me. It doesn’t work that way. And the more stories I see on TV with father’s and step fathers or even mothers and step mothers talking about how they abused and/or are still abusing children, it brings it all back to me and then I have to talk about it again. If we don’t talk about these things, then there will never be awareness to the problem. I wrote my book for several reasons, 1 to vent and 2 to raise awareness.

I really wish people who want to have children would just go take a parenting class before the mother gives birth. I think that should be part of a pregnancy for both parents. The day you find out you are pregnant, you go to the doctor and he does tests and whatever it is that they do, then you enroll immediately in a parenting class. You go to lamaze class to learn to breathe while giving birth, so why not go to a parenting class to make sure you are able to actually raise a child in a healthy environment? It just makes sense to me that this should be a requirement for having children. But what do I know? I don’t have children and I will never be able to have children no matter how hard I try to get pregnant.

Do me a favor though, if you are a person who gets frustrated and angry easily over the most trivial things, don’t have children.