March PFLAG Meeting


PFLAG has their meetings once a month and I was asked to drop by for their March 2012 meeting to hand out business cards and to let people know where they can buy my book “Diary of a Gay Nerd: Life After Child Abuse, It Gets Better.”  It will be a powerful meeting because they also have Autumn Sandeem.  Here is a quote from the PFLAG invitation that I was sent:

“PFLAG Bakersfield is excited to welcome Autumn Sandeen to our March 1st meeting. Autumn is a Transgender Navy Veteran, progressive blogger, writer and LGBT activist. She tends to focus on equality, diversity, veterans, LGBT, and most specifically transgender issues.

“Autumn’s tireless work for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell brought her national attention when she handcuffed herself to the White House fence with other LGBT activists.”