A couple of friends of mine who have read my book have posted reviews.  One friend E.T. McArdle posted this on the Amazon website for the Kindle edition of my book:

“Triumph of the Spirit are the only words for this memoir. Reading about the abuse and rejection that Michel suffered through his childhood and early adult life made me very sad. Why can’t people just be accepting? As Mike grew and learned from each experience he learned to make better choices in life and in people. Somehow there was this inner spark of human wisdom that knew he deserved better treatment and a better life. Despite all of his trials when he could have given up, he didn’t. This is an uplifting story for all people and especially for young gay people. Hang in there, life does get better!

“Bravo to Mike for having the courage and tenacity to write this book despite several learning disabilities. It shows his true colors and his underlying persistence of spirit.”

And another friend named S. Jones posted this on the Barnes & Noble website for the Nook edition of my book:

“Michel McDonald’s autobiography is about a person that has a great deal of courage, and is inspirational. I have had the privlage of calling Michel a friend going on sixteen years now, and have learned so much more about him from reading about his trials and tribulations, as well as his happier times! In reading this book, you will learn to count blessings, as well as learn a great deal about having faith. I can only imagine how difficult that could have been. I have often told him over the years that he has had an angel that looks over him. This book is proof of that. He has shown that life is what you make of it!”

Then of course there is the glowing review from author Marguerite Labbe from her own website which I added as an editorial review considering she helped me edit the book:

“I’ve had a hard time putting into words how I felt when I read Michel’s memoir.  Many parts struck a chord in me from my own childhood, though I was far luckier than Michel was and I didn’t have the added alienation of being gay.  I’ve known Michel for several years now, ever since he picked up my vampire trilogy and we started talking.  In that time, I’ve found him to be a very kind, passionate and determined man.  After reading his memoir I have to add brave to that as well and not just for what he endured and overcame.  To be able to write something like this, with such unflinching honesty, takes a rare kind of person.  Michel doesn’t gloss over his own mistakes, but puts them out there just as baldly as the abuse he went through.

“I am honored to know such a man and call him my friend.”

Thank you guys, you are all so wonderful to think so highly of me to write those reviews.