Prayers For Bobby


Has anyone seen this?  This is a movie called Prayers for Bobby, a Lifetime movie based on the true story of a mother (played by Sigourney Weaver) who couldn’t accept her gay son.  Here is the IMDB Synopsis:

“True story of Mary Griffith, gay rights crusader, whose teenage son committed suicide due to her religious intolerance. Based on the book of the same title by Leroy Aarons.”


I watched this movie on YouTube through my Blu-Ray player and boy did I cry my eyes out.  This story is so emotional that I had to pause it a couple of times because I was missing the movie because I was crying so hard.

This is a movie that every religious anti-gay parent and family should watch before they decide to give up on or throw their child away for being gay.


A Lesson About Scratching A Gay Man’s Car!


Wanna hear a funny true story?

Chip (my life partner) and I went to go for a drive, forgot where, but we saw these teenage girls giggling as they were walking past the car. I noticed and pointed out some new scratches on the trunk. We knew it was them so we got in the car and watched the direction they were walking. Chip called 911 and told them we were following these 2 girls who just scratched the car. We saw a police car and lead them to where the girls were, which was across the street from the same junior high that we both went to many moons ago. The cop talked to the girls and saw that one of them had a necklace with a key on it and upon closer inspection, he noticed some paint which matched the color of our car.

We waited in the car until he came over to us and told us that he saw that the key had paint on it so he knew they did it, but when he asked them why, they told him that one time when they were walking past the house, one of the girls was bent over and she was wearing a skirt and Chip looked up her skirt. When he told us that we both started laughing hysterically. When the cop asked us what was so funny, I told him that it was impossible for him to want to look up a girl’s skirt and he asked why and I responded “Because we’re both GAY!” The cop asked why she would lie and I said “Because she doesn’t want to get in trouble, she wants to blame us for her stupidity, duh!”

She was taken home since she was still in Junior high. Her mother was court ordered to pay I think it was like $14 a month for 2 years to pay for the damage, but Chip got her number and threatened to take her to small claims court unless she paid him all the money at once, or at least over 4-8 weeks, which she agreed to.

I wish that I had thought to take a picture of the scratch, but I never did.

The lesson here is, don’t scratch someones car and then make up a stupid excuse that is going to make you look like a fool.  Take responsibility for your actions, or better yet, just grow up!